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Terms and Conditions Our Terms of Service govern the use of this website, and is managed, and operated by us at Yuemi.ca. By accessing our Site or using any resources available via it, you are agreeing to abide by these same rules-so be sure to give them a read before getting started! Additionally, registration for an account as well as purchase from our selection requires acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms. By accessing this Site and using our services, you hereby indicate that not only have you read, comprehended completely, and agreed to be held accountable by the Terms of Service; but also, are legally allowed to form a binding contact with us. Additionally, when creating your account on the website as the user indicated in the registration process it is assured that either yourself or the legal entity which was named will take full responsibility for being bound by these Terms of Service. Subscribing to our services will initiate an automatic renewal for equal lengths of time, with fees that reflect the current rate. To avoid auto-renewal or opt out of a subscription, please refer to the Subscription subsection for more information. It is important to note that our dispute resolution section, found at the conclusion of this agreement, contains specific provisions for how conflicts and claims between us are resolved. This includes any disagreements which may have already arisen or been asserted prior to today’s effective date. Please be advised that an arbitration agreement exists within these terms – meaning all disputes will need to go through binding and final arbitration unless certain exceptions apply. If you do not decide to opt out of the arbitration agreement, it is important to note that your rights are limited. You can only pursue claims and seek relief against us as an individual – not acting on behalf of a group or class action lawsuit. Additionally, by accepting these Terms, you waive your right to bring any claim before a court and have them decided in front of a jury. Any disputes or claims associated with the use of this Site will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ontario, abiding to the Federal Arbitration Act. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale is not applicable to this agreement. Our Services may include additional Terms, ‘Supplemental Terms’, that can be accessed from the main Terms of Service. On occasion, these Supplemental Terms might override regular conditions; for instance, when using a specific service or feature we provide. As such all applicable rules should always be taken into consideration as part of our overall “Terms of Service”. Our company reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Whenever changes are made, an updated Terms of Service will be available on our Site and all new Supplemental Terms can be accessed through their respective services. To keep you informed of any material changes, we constantly update the “Last Updated” date at the top of our Terms of Service. To ensure that these updates reach all registered users in a timely manner, an email will be sent to those with accounts and who is last provided contact information is still valid. Changes to our Terms are effective immediately for new users, and current members will be notified of any material changes within 30 days. These updates shall become active on the earlier of either 30 days after they are posted or upon receipt of an email notification sent by us. It is important to stay up to date with any changes in the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these updates, please stop using our Site and/or services immediately. However, if you continue utilizing this service then it will constitute your acceptance of such change(s). We encourage users to check the website for updated Terms regularly. Product Returns Please see our refund policy for details about returns and refunds. Privacy Policy Please see our privacy policy for additional Terms that govern your use of this website. Access To This Site By registering and providing your information, you are verifying its accuracy. If our company discovers that the details you have provided us with do not comply with these conditions or is an impersonation of a person other than yourself, we reserve the right to deny access to this Site and its resources as well as terminate any connection immediately without warning. By using Yuemi.ca’s Services and Properties, you are benefiting from the protection of copyright laws around the globe. In accordance with our Terms of Service, we grant a limited license to reproduce certain elements for your own personal or business use while utilizing these services. Registration You will gain exclusive access to Yuemi.ca’s Properties by becoming a registered user. With an Account, you will gain full membership privileges on our Site with the peace of mind that comes from understanding and agreeing to all Terms of Service. Your Account and password are your responsibility; therefore, we strongly recommend setting a secure one. As an additional precaution, our team may periodically require you to update the credentials used for access if deemed necessary. All activities conducted through this Site under any associated accounts remain subject to review by our security personnel with adequate cause. This Site has a strict security policy: you are prohibited from using any of its services or facilities to alter system resources and/or accounts. Unauthorized use, including the use and distribution of tools that try to breach security (for example, password guessing programs) is forbidden. We take any violations of system security seriously and, should you be implicated in such an incident, we will share your details with other administrators to help resolve the breach. In addition, if there are grounds to suspect a violation occurred within these Terms of Service then investigations may occur; accordingly, furthermore cooperating fully with law enforcement authorities or related court orders is also part of our protocol when it comes to preserving safety online. When creating your Account on the Site, you are certifying that all the registration data entered is accurate and up to date. It is essential for us to be able to provide our customers with reliable service; therefore, it is important that this information stays current so we can continue offering quality experiences. By accessing our Services, you affirm that you are at least 18 years old, have reached the legal age of consent to form binding agreements and do not belong to a demographic barred from utilizing Yuemi.ca’s properties by any applicable national or regional laws. You are responsible for ensuring minors do not access. Yuemi.ca’s Properties under your Account. To ensure that security is upheld, it is essential to keep your password confidential and securely logout at the end of each session. Should unauthorized use or any breach in security occur, be sure to promptly notify us so we can take appropriate action. To safeguard our users and ensure a positive experience, Yuemi.ca reserves the right to suspend or cancel your Account if any of your information is found to be false, out-of-date, or incomplete. Additionally, creating an Account on behalf of someone else is prohibited. You may only have one Account with Yuemi.ca, and we reserve the right to reclaim any usernames that are deemed in violation of third-party rights. If you have been previously removed from our properties or banned at any time for whatever reason, please refrain from creating a new Account as it is not allowed. You recognize that your Account is the Property Yuemi.ca, and all rights associated with it will remain within its ownership. This agreement affirms this understanding between you and Yuemi.ca, now and into the future. Fees and Payment Terms By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you pledge to pay all relevant fees or charges associated with your Account in a timely fashion. As an accepted payment method, we offer the convenience of Visa, MasterCard credit cards as well as Interac e-Transfer.  By giving us your credit card info, you agree to let Yuemi.ca and Empyrean process payment for applicable fees. Your Account will be instantly billed; no further consent or warning required. To ensure smooth service, it is important that we are informed promptly of any changes in your billing address and credit card used for payment. To stay up to date with our latest pricing structures and invoicing methods, keep an eye out on Yuemi.ca’s Properties as well as check emails regularly. Yuemi.ca fees are exclusive of all Sales Taxes. Should the required taxes not be remitted to our organization, you will accept full financial liability for their payment along with penalties or interest in accordance with local law; furthermore, we reserve the right to seek indemnification from you covering any resulting costs incurred by us. To ensure that you have met all your taxing obligations, we kindly request official receipts from the relevant authority as proof. This includes any taxes based on sales proceeds – referred to here as ‘Sales Tax’ – if they are imposed within an authority lacking an established sale or use tax system. With your agreement, all payments to Yuemi.ca will be made in full and free of any withholding taxes. You will take responsibility for such taxation and provide us with evidence that the appropriate tax has been paid, like an official receipt or other proof upon request. Payment We accept Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Discover and e-Transfer. License to Use the Site In accordance with these Terms of Service, we provide you with limited access to use our materials and content (collectively known as the “Content”) on this Site for personal non-commercial purposes. This is a non-transferable and exclusive license that can not be sublicensed. You are prohibited from commercially or legally exploiting the Site and its Contents, our products, or any derivatives of these. Additionally, you may not download account information for third-party benefit nor use data mining tools to extract content without authorization. All rights which have not been granted herein remain reserved by us or applicable licensors and suppliers. This Site cannot be used to reproduce, duplicate, or resell any Content provided here without our express prior written consent. We reserve the right to terminate licenses granted if you fail to comply with these Terms of Service and we ask that you use this Site in accordance with all applicable laws. Restrictions On Use Our website should be used only for the purposes explicitly granted. No other use, including commercial application, may occur without prior written consent from us. Additionally, no one is allowed to co-brand this Site; include any of our Content owners’ trademarks/logos in frames or by using framing techniques; hyperlink to this page without permission nor add meta tags and hidden text with our name/trademarks on it without first obtaining express authorization from a representative of ours. Our brand is of paramount importance and should not be confused with that of any other parties. We ask our valued customers to respect this request, as we reserve the right to end partnerships if unauthorized co-branding occurs without prior consent. Our goal is to ensure a clear standing when it comes to attribution for all involved entities. Any usage of material from this Site must be in no way altered, translated, or modified. Any broadcast, licensing, leasing, and distributing should not occur without permission to do so. Proprietary Information We remain the sole owners and operators of all information accessible via our website, along with any other site connected to the World Wide Web. All Content provided is exclusive to us or whichever party granted it – leaving them as its rightful owners who hold full rights, titles, and interests in said Content. With no exceptions, permission to use any content found on our Site must be obtained in writing before it can be shared, printed, or modified. This is a hard rule we maintain as part of protecting the proprietary information and copyrights associated with all materials published here. Violation of our Terms of Service is a violation against the intellectual property rights held by us. Accessing this Site does not give you any ownership or control over content used on the platform; only limited use in accordance with these Terms is allowed. Hyperlinks We provide hyperlinks to other external sites as a courtesy to our users, however these sites are in no way sponsored by or affiliated with ours. We have not reviewed, nor do we take responsibility for the content found on those pages; proceed at your own risk. Furthermore, inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement from us. Submissions By submitting any Content, remarks, suggestions, ideas, or you grant us and our affiliates a broad license that is free of royalties. We may likewise distribute and perform these efforts as well as display them publicly with no restrictions whatsoever. By submitting material to us, you guarantee that it is your own work and relinquish any control over how we use or conduct our business with this content. Additionally, we value the protection of your personal information and will handle all data in accordance with established privacy policies onsite. Disclaimer Our team is committed to ensuring that your experience on our Site remains secure and free of any unwanted contaminants. Despite this, we cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other malicious code – so please take measures such as input checking routines and data back-up solutions for protection against potential risks. Our Content should not be seen as a replacement for any written reports, statements or notices we provide. It is intended to serve only in an educational capacity and investors, borrowers and other persons must use their own best judgement when using this content. Whilst we strive to keep the information up to date, it cannot guarantee full coverage of every matter relevant to individual goals. When using our company’s resources, please remember that you do so at your own risk. The content provided on this platform is as-is and without any express or implied warranties of quality, merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose or non-infringement. We deny all warranties related to the same accordingly. We strive to provide a secure, reliable experience for our customers – however we make no guarantees that the Site will be uninterrupted or error free. While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy of Content on our Site, there may still exist technical inaccuracies and typographical errors which could change at any time with updates. Additionally, although our warranty found in-site is included by reference herein, it does not guarantee satisfaction nor coverage of all potential issues users may encounter while using the Service. You are solely responsible for any potential losses or damages resulting from using this Site and its content, and we cannot be held accountable. We offer no guarantees that you will not infringe the rights of third parties when accessing our materials; however, should an issue arise, please inform us immediately so it can be addressed swiftly. The information on this Site is relevant only as of the date it was posted, and we do not necessarily update or delete content that may no longer be accurate. Still, customers are encouraged to take full advantage of our return policy and limited warranty should they find themselves unsatisfied with a purchase made from the Site. Limitation of Liability Yuemi.ca parties cannot be held liable for any losses related to profits, revenue, or data. This includes indirect, incidental, and special damages that may arise due to the Yuemi.ca Properties in addition to costs incurred from a lack of production/use, business interruptions or procurement of substitute goods/services – regardless of whether notification was provided concerning the possibility of such damage arising out off interactions with other users via its Properties. Yuemi.ca Properties may not be used without permission, and any goods or services obtained because of purchasing through these Properties are done so at one’s own risk. Yuemi.ca’s Properties is also susceptible to unauthorized access or data alteration which could affect the user experience. Additionally, statements made by third parties associated with our company do not represent an accurate reflection of this organization; we cannot guarantee safety when using our products and services unless proper legal principles such as warranty, contract terms etc., are adhered to. In the case of death or personal injury caused by negligence, a Yuemi.ca party’s liability is not limited. Similarly, any injuries resulting from fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation are not subject to this cap on responsibility. Liability Cap We guarantee our collective liability to any party, regardless of form or type of action (e.g., contract dispute, tort claim), will not exceed the lesser amount between $100 and what has been paid for a given product/service from which it arose. Depending on your province’s laws, you may have additional rights beyond the limitations of implied warranties or exclusions for certain damages. Explore your legal options to ensure that you are getting all the protections possible under provincial legislation. Indemnity You agree to safeguard us and our related affiliates, licensors, content providers, service providers etc. against any potential losses that may arise out of this agreement – such as judicial decisions or legal fees – helping ensure continued peace of mind for all parties involved. Any action on your part that violates these Terms of Service, including the misuse of Content or any product purchased here, is prohibited. Furthermore, we expect users to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using Yuemi.ca Properties. You are legally bound to bear the cost of any resulting losses which incur due to unwanted breaches or unauthorized uses on your behalf. Your agreement means that you will be indemnified for all damages, fees and even lawyer/expert witness costs charged by those linked parties who were wronged in this process. You will be responsible for and indemnify any claims made by third parties because of your use or purchase from this Site. Additionally, these obligations shall remain in force even after the termination of your Account, Terms of Service agreement or access to Yuemi.ca Properties. Ownership; Trademarks and Copyrights You acknowledge Yuemi.ca and its suppliers’ rightful ownership of all rights, title, and interest in their properties. We ask that you preserve the integrity of our copyrighted material by not making alterations or obscuring any logos, trademarks or service marks associated with it. This website features several trademarks, service marks and logos that belong to us or their respective owners. These can include HTML codes, graphics, multimedia clips and more. We retain all rights associated with our own property as well as those of the parties who have provided it to us. Our trademarked Content should not be used in association with any other product or service without explicit permission – doing so is likely to cause confusion for customers and damage our reputation negatively. The Notification of Claimed Infringement must include the following: To submit a notice of copyright infringement, we require an official signature from the owner or person authorized to legally act on their behalf. Additionally, you must also provide us with information about the copyrighted work that has been infringed upon and descriptions/locations for any offending material. Examples could include URLs where it is posted online lawfully or specific page numbers in books from which excerpts may have been copied without consent. We also require your contact information including name, address, telephone number and email. Additionally, please provide a clear description of the content’s location (URL if applicable). For verification purposes you need to assert that this infringement is unauthorized by the copyright owner or an agent thereof as well as certify these details are accurate under penalty of lying under oath. Our agent designated to receive claims of copyright or other intellectual property infringement may be contacted as follows: ATTN : Legal Department [email protected] Information You May Not Post, Publish, etc. Posting, sending, submitting, or publishing content that infringes any third party’s right to privacy is prohibited. Any material deemed obscene, pornographic, or indecent as well as threatening abusive language and advocating illegal activity must not be used when communicating through this website. Content which does not relate directly to the Site should also be avoided so we can ensure a safe environment for all our users without infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights. Engaging in activities that violate any laws or may be considered to do so; misrepresenting your identity or connection with another entity/person; advertising commercial endeavours without authorization on this Site (e.g., offering products and services for sale); soliciting funds from advertisers and sponsors, as well as hosting programs which contain malicious computer codes designed to disrupt the functioning of other software/hardware – are all prohibited. Users are expected to act responsibly when using this Site, refraining from any action that disrupts or interferes with the normal dialogue and flow of activity. Additionally, MP3 files as well as links leading to inappropriate content must be avoided; any type of pyramid scheme is prohibited in accordance with applicable policies and regulations. We want to ensure that our Site and its Content are used for the purpose intended, so we may monitor activity on this platform from time-to-time. We reserve the right to remove or refuse any information at our discretion; however, you remain fully responsible for all content submitted by you. You further acknowledge that neither we nor third parties who provide content shall assume liability regarding decisions made regarding your submissions.
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