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S21 Smart Electronic Breast Pump (2 Pack)


Free up your hands and do more with your time using our hands-free breast pump! Coming in 2 suction modes and 9 different suction levels for personalized comfort. With just five easy-to-clean silicone components, pumping knows no bounds. Tackle your endless to-do lists with newfound freedom, as you multitask effortlessly. No longer confined to a wall outlet, mothers can now collect milk while browsing their phone, working on a laptop, enjoying a read, or even indulging in a snack.
Product Features:

  • LCD Screen for Clear
  • Quiet & Efficient
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Food-Grade Silicone

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breast pump features


With 4 pumping modes and 15 adjustable levels, our wearable breast pump allows you to find the perfect intensity for your comfort and milk expression needs. Whether you prefer gentle massage or powerful suction, our pump offers versatile options to suit your preferences.
Operate discreetly with noise levels below 40 dB, ensuring minimal disruption even when used near a sleeping baby. With its advanced technology, this pump operates with remarkably low noise levels, ensuring a peaceful and discreet pumping experience.

Say goodbye to worries about leaks and spills, as the S21 Breast Pump’s innovative design prevents any mishaps, allowing mothers to focus solely on expressing milk comfortably and efficiently. With its reliable leak-proof feature, this pump becomes an indispensable companion for every nursing mother, empowering them to navigate their breastfeeding journey with confidence and convenience.

how to use the S21 breast pump

1. Press the silicone shield firmly against the breast, leave no gaps and make sure your nipples are centered. Keep it upright.


2. Lightly press the power button to start the breast pump, and the timing display turns on.


3. There are 15 levels in the mode. You can select the suction power that makes you comfortable by touching the “+” and “-” keys.


4. When you have finished pumping, press the power button to turn off the breast pump, then carefully remove the breast pump from beast.


Please refer to the instruction manual for any questions on product usage.

S21 breast pump faqs

To use an electric breast pump, assemble the pump according to the manufacturer’s instructions, place the flange over your breast, and turn on the pump. Adjust the suction settings to a comfortable level and allow the pump to extract milk from your breast.
The frequency of pumping varies depending on individual circumstances, but generally, mothers aim to pump about 8-12 times in a 24-hour period, including during the night if needed.
Yes, electric breast pumps are suitable for mothers who exclusively breastfeed and may need to pump occasionally for various reasons, such as relieving engorgement, building a milk supply, or storing milk for later use.
Clean all pump parts that come into contact with breast milk after each use with warm, soapy water, and sterilize them regularly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This typically involves boiling the parts or using a steam sterilizer.
Single electric breast pumps extract milk from one breast at a time, while double electric breast pumps can pump both breasts simultaneously, saving time and potentially increasing milk supply.

S21 Smart Electronic Breast Pump (2 Pack):

24mm Flange x 2, Pump Motor x 2, Silicone Diaphragm x 2, Milk Collector x 2, USB Cable x 2, Bra Adjustment Buckle x 2, Valve x 2

The pumping duration varies among individuals but typically ranges from 10 to 30 minutes per session. It may take longer initially until you establish a comfortable pumping routine.
Yes, hands-free bras are designed to hold the flanges of electric breast pumps securely in place, allowing you to multitask or relax during pumping sessions.
Choose the correct flange size that comfortably fits around your nipple without rubbing or causing discomfort. Proper fit ensures efficient milk extraction and prevents nipple irritation.
Yes, breast milk pumped with an electric pump can be stored in airtight containers in the refrigerator for up to 4-5 days or in the freezer for several months. Be sure to label and date the milk for proper rotation.
Common issues such as low suction, motor noise, or improper assembly can often be resolved by checking the pump’s parts, cleaning the components and adjusting settings. If your product requires replacement, email us at: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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